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Section I.
Data that is collected.

We do collect Discord Username & tags, along with Discord ID we do also store orders which do store Order ID, when it was ordered and when it was last updated person who claimed it, and the person who prepared it and the person who delivered it and the order image and the order description. We do also collect Guild Channels, Guild Names, and Guild ids

Section II.
What is the data used for?

The collected data is used for the functionality of Drunk Bartender for it to work correctly. Which also lets us be more ready to handle complaints and other issues that may come up. The feedback command and tip command work by using the Order ID so the bartender can review them. The collected data is not going to be sold to any third party or anyone nor will it be shared with people who do not have the rights nor the correct privileges to view set data and nor will it be viewed for no reason.

Section III.
How to request data deletion.

If you wish to request your data to be deleted then that is quite simple, you must join our Discord. And contact Daisy12 and to ensure safety you can't request data deletion for anyone else than yourself (ie the account that DMS Daisy12) Or you can do it on our site and click on contact us and then put in the details, but you will then be contacted by Daisy12 for confirmation That you want that data deleted.

Section IV.
How can I view my data?

For you to be able to view your data, it will need to be packaged and emailed to you. And it would need to go through the same way as to request the deletion of your data. So joining our Discord Server and contacting Daisy12, the only data that would be provided is the one that is Connected to the account that DMS Daisy12. You may also use our site for this by going to contact us and filling out that form and requesting your data there and then waiting for Daisy12 to contact you.

Section V.
What happens if I delete my data?

If you request it for deletion, then everything that you got stored on you will be deleted except (ie blacklist) and it will be like a restart of the progress along with all the money that you may have earned over time has now been deleted and lost to history.

Section VI.
Why do you need my email?

Well the email is not stored and is only used if we can't reach you on Discord for instance if you got your friend requests turned off then we will use email to contact you and establish communications about set issues that required us to contact you in the first place. All the emails that we received will be deleted from our systems every 30 days.


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